What You Need To Know About Purchasing Online

, What You Need To Know About Purchasing Online

It’s been over six months since the legalization of recreational canna-products in Canada and the nation is still going through its growing pains. While brick and mortar stores are still finding their footing, their online counterparts have become the purchase point of choice. Many are looking for safe and healthy alternatives to dried flower. Discerning consumers want high-quality products for the best price shipped right to their doorstep. Online canna-stores have a wide selection of products; however, not all stores are created equal. Before making an online purchase, here are a few things to consider.


All reputable online canna-stores will have an age verification requirement. In Alberta and Quebec, the legal age for purchasing is 18 while the legal age in the other eight provinces is 19. If you are of legal age, you may carry and share up to 30 grams in public. Up to four plants can be grown in your home and you may also make edibles for personal use.


Shopping online is the most convenient way to buy canna-products. It’s especially convenient if you live in a remote area, have mobility issues, or you simply want to shop on your own time from the comfort of your own home. Shopping through online canna-stores allows you to do product research as you shop while avoiding lines and crowds.


There still is a lingering stigma when it comes to purchasing canna-products. When purchasing online, you have to consider packaging and billing when it comes to your privacy. You want to keep your products protected as they get shipped to you, so it’s best not to attract attention to your package. You may also want your products sent to your office for your convenience and discreet packaging ensures you avoid any awkward conversations.

Secure Delivery

Are your products being sent via a trusted source like Canada Post? Does it have a tracking number? Purchasing from an online canna-store shouldn’t be nerve-wracking. You should have peace of mind, especially when making large purchases.


It’s one thing to offer a wide selection of products, and another thing to offer quality products. Generally, you want to know that all the products being offered by an online canna-store are safe and healthy. It helps to know whether the products are lab tested or well reviewed. It also helps to know whether they’re from trusted or up-and-coming brands. Quality control should be the top priority of an online store as the health and satisfaction of the customers should be paramount.


The main draw for online canna-stores is selection. They offer a diverse range of products beyond dried flower. Some offer pet products, personal care products, concentrates, oils, and edibles with new products becoming available every day.


All savvy consumers are concerned with price. Some of the more attractive online stores offer compassionate pricing. They also offer many deals and discounts. Many follow traditional retail calendars when offering their promotions.

Customer Service

The upper echelon of online stores has unmatched customer service. Ideally, you want quick and thorough responses via live chat or social media. Attention to detail and compassion are all hallmarks of great customer service. You want to feel genuinely cared for and secure in your purchase.

If you are trepidatious about buying canna-products online, keep these factors in mind as you make your purchase. An online canna-store that possesses all of these characteristics is one worth supporting.

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