Cannabis: a new gift for Mother’s Day

mom, Cannabis: a new gift for Mother’s Day
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Still don’t know what to give mom for Mother’s Day? Mom may enjoy a hearty serving of wine but alcohol has been proven to be detrimental to health especially when used as a coping method. Cannabis can be a healthier alternative for mom. In particular, self-care products like topicals or edibles like chocolates can be great stress relievers. The Fresh Toast outlines why more moms are taking to cannabis.

In exchange for the traditional flowers and breakfast in bed, more moms would happily accept a less conventional type of gift for Mother’s Day this year. Despite the gender gap in the movement to legalize marijuana — 68% of men support legalization while only 56% of women do — we’ve got data that suggests many mothers feel pretty dang comfortable with the idea of a cannabis gift this year.

If you run in the mommy crowd or are friends with many moms online, it’s nearly impossible to make it through a day without some kind of reference to “wine o’clock.” There are rising concerns about this attitude that mom needs alcohol to survive daily life. One mother, Claire Gillespie, shared in an essay for Self that her own sobriety showed her that a bottle of wine after bathtime was replacing the development of real coping skills and self-care practices, and putting her and many mothers at risk for addiction.

So what does this have to do with weed? We find it interesting that drinking among mothers is largely accepted while cannabis is not, despite the fact that marijuana use comes with a lower risk for addiction than alcohol. Add to that the fact that no deaths have been linked to weed while alcohol is to blame for 88,000 deaths each year and cannabis seems like a pretty great alternative.

Legalization of marijuana in some states and access to legal THC-free cannabis products with CBD in every state could be freeing more mothers to use cannabis products in an enjoyable and responsible way. Additionally, the mothers featured in a piece for Babble note that microdosing is more their thing; they’re using small amounts of marijuana for relief from anxiety and postpartum mood disorders without getting high, which allows them to keep on doing the mom thing safely and effectively.

So, what cannabis products are moms interested in most? It’s all about self-care.

Data from LeafLink, shared over email with The Fresh Toast, suggests that topicals are high on mom’s wish list when Mother’s Day rolls around. In 2018, they witnessed a 306% increase in the overall market share on Mother’s Day. Some of their bestselling topical products include Body Balm by Nordic Goddess and Muscle Freeze CBD by Mary’s Medicinals.

According to Headset, a data analytics provider in the cannabis industry, the other categories of cannabis products experiencing a massive boost on this weekend in 2018 include a wide variety of items that have us picturing mom getting a little peace and quiet this year. We love that mothers are using their big day to relax with cannabis bath balms and soak, chocolates, elixirs, and mixes. Beverages like teas, coffee, and cocoa also see a big boost around Mother’s Day and Pre-Rolls were up by 7% on Mother’s Day in 2018.